Uncovering new ways to experience the city

When cities and organizations work toward a vision of the smart city, it often means employing sensors to monitor and measure things like traffic, energy expenditure, and air quality.

In Sensor Lab’s upcoming theme, ‘Sensing the City’, we want to investigate how we can empower residents with tools to sense and explore their surroundings. We want to research what is currently possible with the technology available today. The main goal is to discover how we can improve the experience of the city with the help of new technology.

What can we uncover and measure with sensors and what new interactions and perceptions of the city will this lead to? What are the possibilities and limitations of our exploration and what will this imply for future developments and improvements to our cities?

Over a five-month period, Sensor Lab wants to investigate, discuss, create concepts and ideas around this theme. In a series of workshops, discussions, talks, and experiments, we’ll go beyond the obvious, and discover the full potential of the smart city.


We would love to collaborate

Currently we're looking for partners to organise meet-ups, experiments, workshops and other events with. Do you have a good idea and do you want to organise an event around this idea, please contact Gert Franke via