smart city and citizens: improving Awareness and interaction

With this research program, Sensor Lab aims to stay true to its principals of bringing together the smart technology community, to collaborate on Proof of Concepts that help demystify the Smart City. Together we will provide tangible examples of what is occurring in the smart city, and how we can inform residents, in addition to establishing a standard and protocols for future developments.

Each of the research tracks consists of field work, meet ups, and roundtable discussions with experts, artists, designers, stakeholders and citizens. Each outcome is accompanied with documentation material that outlines the specific methods, and insights used and gained in the process. The projects outcomes will result in public events, be shared with the press, and decision and policy makers.


Thanks to the generous support of the following organizations, we are able to realize this research program:
Creative Industries Fund NL
Gemeente Utrecht
Utrecht University
Utrecht Data School
Rotterdam School of Applied Sciences
Creative Coding Utrecht


Articles about Sensor Lab research findings:


We would love to collaborate. Currently, we're looking for partners to organize meet-ups, experiments, workshops and other events. Do you have a good idea and do you want to organize an event around this idea, please contact Gert Franke via