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  • A multi-talented team to work with. A team with diverse backgrounds in software development, design and fashion, each adding their own unique approach and perspective to our activities. 

  • The opportunity to help grow and shape a starting foundation.

  • Sitting/standing desks in the office.

  • A small monthly internship fee.

  • Free lunch together with your colleagues every day.


  • A team-player, able to work in a multi-disciplinary team.

  • An interest in smart technology.

  • Willing to push the boundaries of what is possible.

  • Minimum period for the internship is 3 months, and maximum 6 months.


Sensor Lab is located right in the city center of Utrecht, in the vibrant Voorstraat area. The Sensor Lab foundation is an initiative powered by CLEVER°FRANKE, a design agency for interactive data visualization that combines strategy, design and technology to create data driven tools and experiences that enable change.

Together with CLEVER°FRANKE we have an open office plan with sitting / standing desks, hot desks, a silent room and flexible work schedules. Every day, the team enjoys lunch together in our lunch area/event space and on occasion, a team evening in the city.

Education and employee well-being is very important to us. We actively encourage the development of our employees, have quarterly company sessions with the entire team and a team coach on hand for additional, daily support.

Utrecht is centrally located in the Netherlands, just around the corner from Amsterdam (20 minutes by train) and international airport. A historical city, known for the Dom tower, the highest in the Netherlands, it also has the largest student population in the Netherlands. Dynamic and lively, Utrecht is second only to Amsterdam by number of cultural events hosted annually, and was recently been named one of the must-see cities by the Guardian.

We offer the following internships:

1] ar app dev intern

Uncovering the smart city app

  There is an invisible revolution going-on and this is the current status of that revolution.

GOAL   Making people aware of what is exactly being measured and automated in the city of Utrecht. 

AUDIENCE   General public

PARTNERS    Gemeente Utrecht, Datafied Society and CLEVER°FRANKE

BACKGROUND   In Utrecht, there are currently ±22 ongoing smart city projects being tested. We will uncover these projects for the general public. In order to do so, we will create a map of all sensors installed, indicating the values they track. The map will be made publicly available via a smart phone app, and through the use of AR will enable residents to discover where each sensor is located, and what it is tracking. As such, we will make the Smart City of Utrecht more tangible and accessible to residents, so they have a deeper understanding about what is going on. The aim is to eventually make the app available in the App store / Play store but, to begin with, we will only install the app on ±10 devices that will be used for a Smart City tour.

RESULT    Working AR app for one specific device

2] visual design intern

Uncovering the smart city map

MESSAGE   Same as A

GOAL    Same as A

AUDIENCE   10.000 people from the general public

PARTNER    Same as A

BACKGROUND   Based on the gathered research we will print a Smart City map of Utrecht and distribute this throughout Utrecht. In this map we will show the general audience:

  • Where current smart city hardware is integrated in Utrecht 

  • A determination of the topic and views on topic: What is the role of several aspects of AI in this

  • What people currently think about the Smart City 

  • What currently is possible with the existing hardware

  • How the Smart City evolved over the last 25 years

The graphics will be provided to the media.

RESULT    Folded printed determination and Smart City map

3] smart tech dev intern

Smart tracking information

MESSAGE  There are solutions for informing people about what is being tracked and giving them choice to participate.

GOAL  Show alternative methods for informing people about what is being tracked and giving them opportunities to choose to participate in the Smart City, or not.

AUDIENCE   10 creative professionals


BACKGROUND    When residents become part of a Smart City grid, there is a big chance their data is being tracked without their consent. We will research how we can proactively inform citizens when they are participating in the Smart City and clarify what is being tracked. We will investigate how can we can enable citizens to ‘opt-in / opt-out’ of data-sharing in a public space. We will therefore investigate the Smart City hardware and see if we can use similar hardware to ‘control’ the Smart City so that people are protected in a ‘smart’ but reasonable way. 

RESULT    Proof of concepts

4] PR, marketing and event intern

During this internship you will organise events, promote event and find new ways to attract more corporate partners to Sensor Lab. You will write a marketing and PR plan and make sure this will be executed.

You have affinity with smart technology, sensors and experience design. You are a structured, hands-on person with a creative mind.


Apply by sending a CV + short motivation letter to:

Note for designers:
Please attach a portfolio in *.pdf or a link to an online portfolio.

General note:
To be eligible for an internship in the Netherlands, you need to be enrolled at an educational institution. Please only apply if you will be enrolled for the entire period of your internship.