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What is Sensor Lab?


Sensor Lab is a not-for-profit foundation based in the centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are focused on the education, exploration, creation and development of sensor and smart technologies. In today’s data-driven world, it is important to explore their application, possibilities and the future opportunities yet to be discovered. 

We provide a space, technology, hardware and equipment for (digitally focused) entrepreneurs, designers, artists, developers and students to perform smart technology experiments. We provide the means to quickly discover, create and prototype new data, sensor and smart solutions.

Our workshops offer anyone interested in discovering and learning more about sensor technology a chance to receive hands-on instruction and improve upon their skills. 

We regularly host and organize themed events to actively share knowledge, ideas and developments in the sensor and smart technology sector with other professionals in the field.

Sensor Lab Layout

Sensor Lab Layout


Our Vision

Smart Technology has become ubiquitous; it is integrated into our everyday lives and our experiences are increasingly shaped by data. New solutions and applications are rapidly and continuously being developed.

What seems to work in theory, may in practice not hold true. Sensor Lab provides a place to experiment, test and validate ideas and concepts. A space where everybody can discover solutions which benefit and improve our lives. 

At Sensor Lab, we want to bring together a community of specialists, professionals and students to use data-driven tools creatively. A community that together can develop new solutions, explore possibilities, actively share knowledge and push the boundaries of what is possible.



Sensor Lab team

Our multi-talented team have diverse backgrounds in software development, design and fashion, and each adds their own unique approach and perspective to our activities. In addition to our dedicated team, we are always looking for volunteers to help organise our events, create new workshops or create tangible projects with us. Please contact us if you would like to join our team of volunteers.   



Gert Franke

Co-Founder / Curator — Gert is as co-founder and curator supervising everything that happens at Sensor Lab.



Fabian van Sluijs

Lab manager — Fabian has the important task of making sure that everything at Sensor Lab runs smoothly and that we contintinously develop new iniatives.. He has been active in the creative scene for a long time, organising Fiber Festival and Creative Coding Utrecht.

Wilco Tomassen

Technical Principal – Wilco has a broad set of skills and experience from years of working on diverse projects ranging from technical and software development to interaction and usability. He loves to get his hands dirty and dives into challenges head-on and elbow deep.


Sam Verkoelen

Workshop leader — Sam teaches a number of courses at the Hogeschool Utrecht relating to programming and user experience, which makes him the perfect person to lead our workshops. Sam also has his own start-up developing an app, which he founded at the beginning of 2017.