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Enabling future sensor solutions

Sensor Lab is a foundation where experimentation and new technologies come together to create innovative solutions that make our lives cleaner, smarter and easier.

At Sensor Lab we experiment, discover and play with data-driven tools, design and technology. Together, we exchange knowledge and ideas, foster entrepreneurship and collaborate to develop new initiatives.

We regularly host events and workshops where participants can get an impression of the latest technologies and developments. They are an opportunity to share insights and knowledge, network among peers and professionals and gain new skills in a fun and encouraging setting.

Join our activities, share your ideas with us and other visitors and discover what our community has to offer!


We're incredibly proud to have the support of our partner organisations in helping us to realise the Sensor Lab vision.

Many more to come

We're always looking for new and interesting partners who share the vision of Sensor Lab. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to become one of our partners or would like to make a contribution and lend your support.


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